Enterprise of competence

We are an authorized Enterprise of Competence, and conduct periodic inspection and certification of cranes and other lifting equipment.

Repairs & Maintenance

Our experienced technicians offer repairs and maintenance of cranes, machines and other equipment.

Measuring technique

We use state of the art data aquisition equipment to execute measuring tasks according to client’s request and requirements.


We offer weighing with Centre of Gravity determination of modules, and we are able to weigh modules up to 1300 tonnes.


We offer calibration of load cells in compression and tension – from 50kg and up.



Reference projects

Load test on floodgate

Load test on floodgate

We were contacted by Saudefaldene Kraftselskap and asked if it was possible to measure the tension in the chain that hoists the flood gate near Storlivatnet, Sauda. The client wanted to know how the load on the chain differentiated at different states (10% open, 20%...

Bondura bolt testing

Bondura bolt testing

Bondura Technology AS wanted to measure the pressure their patented expansion bolts exerted at different levels of torque on the mounting bolts. We were sent a series of test sleeves, all specifically designed for the different Bondura bolt sizes, and mounted strain...

Strain Gauge measurements on windmill

Strain Gauge measurements on windmill

Urdal Services AS travelled to Havoysund wind mill park in Finnmark, Norway to install strain gauges in the foundation of a wind mill. The strain gauges were mounted in accordance with client's request - at different angles inside the foundation. This was done to...