We offer weighing of modules with Center of Gravity determination – and we can weigh modules up to 1300 tonnes.



Weighing technique:

Weighing and CoG determination of modules, is one of our specialites. Throughout the years, we have weighed a large amount of modules, weighing up to 1300 tonnes.

Most weighings are conducted using four load cells placed at specific locations underneath a module. Afterwards, the load of the module is transferred to the load cells – using hydraulic jacks, or by lowering the module directly onto the load cells. The loads are logged to our datasystem, and we calculate total weight and the CoG location for the structure.

Weight cells:

We use HBM load cells, and have several different sizes. Using the load cells, we can conduct weighing and CoG determination on modules from 50kg and up.


We offer weighing in accordance with ISO 19901-5 – “Petroleum and natural gas industries — Specific requirements for offshore structures — Part 5: Weight and control during engineering and construction.”

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