Enterprise of Competence

Urdal Services AS is an authorized Enterprise of Competence

by Sertifiseringsorganet for sakkyndig virksomhet AS.







For on shore operations

We perform certification (S1) and periodic inspection of:

  • Cranes and hoists: GX, RX
  • Studio and stage rigs: SX
  • Trolley tracks: TX
  • Recovery vehicle equipment: BX
  • Personnel lifts: PX
  • Suspended scaffolding: HX
  • Scaffolding: KX
  • Earthmovers: MX
  • Fall protection equipment: According to NS-EN 365

For ships and offshore operations

We perform certification of cranes and hoists according to the rules laid down by the Norwegian Maritime Authority and Petroleum Safety Authority Norway. Areas of expertise: A, B-1, C-1.

We are approved by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (UK) for certification of cranes and hoists operating on the UK continental shelf.

Enterprise of Competence

According to 703 – Regulations concerning the Performance of Work, use of work equipment and related technical requirements, equipment such as lifting equipment, cranes and hoists, fork trucks, personnel lifts, earthmovers, etc require periodic inspection. This inspection is to be performed by an Enterprise of Competence, ie. an enterprise which fulfills certain requirements in regards to organisation, quality assurance, and competence. An Enterprise of Competence must be approved by a certification authority, in accordance with current regulations.

The Norwegian certification authority Sertifiseringsorganet for sakkyndig virksomhet AS is appointed to certify Enterprises of Competence for lifting devices etc. by The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority – Arbeidstilsynet.

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