We were contacted by Saudefaldene Kraftselskap and asked if it was possible to measure the tension in the chain that hoists the flood gate near Storlivatnet, Sauda. The client wanted to know how the load on the chain differentiated at different states (10% open, 20% open etc), and at different water levels.

In order to measure this without making any changes to the chain fastening points, two of the side plates for the chain were machined to be the “weakest links” in the chain. These were in turn fitted with strain gauges on each side, and calibrated as load cells in our laboratory.

We travelled to the flood gate, and assisted Saudefaldene Kraftselskap in mounting the plates. We also sat up our logging system so that the client had the ability to log data themselves.

We executed a few tests with the flood gate at different states, to verify that the system was working as intended. The water levels were a bit below “highest allowed water level” – so the logging equipment was to remain at the flood gate for further logging at a higher water lever.