Measuring technique

Urdal Services AS uses state of the art data aquisition equipment to conduct measuring assignments tailor-made to our clients needs and specifications. We use various types of sensors to extract the necessary data.




A/D Converter:

We use HBM Quantum X. These converters provide high precision and performance, for all applications – and support the use of several sensors simultaneously.  Whether used for simple measurements, or in an advanced system, we have the correct tools for the task.

Weight cells:

We have weight cells ranging from 50kg to 400 tonnes. These can be used to log forces and loads in structures and machines.

Strain gauges:

Strain gauges can be glued or bolted to a structure, to measure strain or compression. Depending on how the strain gauges are placed – the values can be used to calculate tension, pressure, load etc.

Position sensors:

We have different types of sensors for measuring position and angles; wire sensors, LVDT’s, accelerometers and gyro’s.

About sensorbased monitoring:

Urdal Services AS can, by using sensors and HBM’s Catman data system, log various types of signals. The results can be put into a system based on our clients requests or needs.

Data from the sensors can be used to calculate the strength of structures, monitor changes in pressure, temperature, stress, position and vibrations.

We can assist with analysis and calculations based on the aquired data upon request.

From reference projects

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